Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fantastic Fur Coat.....almost

I am feeling good and looking good!! My fur coat has come in nicely now that my skin infection is extremely less than it was when I first came into rescue. I am still itchy on my paws from time to time. I still need a bi-weekly doggie shower to help heal the rest of me. I can't wait because this coming week is time for it and that means I get a gooooood towel rub. Ahhh.... I can feel it now.

I have also had the opportunity to go to more dog parks meeting new people and their fur kids. I am still very shy, but I think with patience and string cheese I could have more human friends soon. This week my foster grandpawrents came for a visit and I had to be with them alone while my foster mom and dad worked. That was a little scary, but I lived. I keep an eye on them and sometimes sneek a sniff, but nothing more yet.

I am learning that I can't bounce off my foster mom whenever I want. She makes this crazy noise that sounds like "Atttt" and it startles me. I think she would like me to sit before I get affection so I will try learning that and see if it makes her happy. I've also got to learn to walk on my leash and harness without bouncing off her calf. She cracks me up by trying to walk me at arms lenght, but I can still reach her. Rof Rof Rof!

I really like living here and know my time is short since some wonderful people(s) will come along and make me their princess. I'll just keep waiting.

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