Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She found the furever home of her dreams!!

Ms. Crasta now named Rosa has found a wonderful furever home in Loganville, GA. She has been home 5 days now and is adjusting well. Her parents had been looking for a long time for just the right little girl to add to the family.

Rosa is an only dog and has Rat Terrier relatives who visit often. She is a little unsure of her new daddy, but he is making every effort to win her over. I am sure he will succeed with time, effort and patience.

As her foster mom I cannot express how happy I am for her. She has come so far and deserves only the best.

Yea for another rattie girl who found furever love!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A day at PetSmart Adoption Day

When I go for a car ride I like to climb around in the car before my foster mom crates me. I enjoy going places now.

I met this cool little girl who was very sweet to me. I let her pet me a lot. I don't like all kids, but those that are quiet and slow to approach are cool.

I love me a good bully stick and braided are awesome! I stole this from another foster at the adoption day. I was so proud of my prize and got to enjoy it for a little while before having to give it back. It is now on my wish list for my next online order. Tee hee.

I was able to do some shopping while looking for my furever family. I really like to shop here. They have all kinds of cool stuff. I prefer to pick out my own treats and chews.
I had many people interested in me so we'll see if any apply. I had a great day and I think my foster mommy was proud of my good behavior today. I look forward to the next adventure !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gettin' Wild and Crazy

I love to act silly all the time, like this video shows. In this video I ran up the stairs and then ran down the hall way to our dog room. It's where my foster siblings eat and where my food is kept. As you can see I am having the time of my life. I don't ever want to stop having this much fun!!

Hopefully you can see the real me in this. When I get out in the BIG world I can get shy and stick to my foster mom. I think with more real world experience and string cheese I will be more confident in new places with new people.

Enjoy the adorable me!

The "Magic" door

I have seen my foster siblings jumping through the door for over 4 weeks now. I just thought they were crazy, but the last few days I decided I should give it a try. To my surprise it was magic and took me to the back yard, wow! I think this is pretty darn awesome and I use the magic door daily.

This translates into me going potty outside like a good girl for several days. This makes my foster mommy extremely happy!! She even had to film me coming inside. She gets excited about weird things, but I told her I would post it here to make her even happier. Sheesh.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I know my name and I can prove it.

Fantastic Fur Coat.....almost

I am feeling good and looking good!! My fur coat has come in nicely now that my skin infection is extremely less than it was when I first came into rescue. I am still itchy on my paws from time to time. I still need a bi-weekly doggie shower to help heal the rest of me. I can't wait because this coming week is time for it and that means I get a gooooood towel rub. Ahhh.... I can feel it now.

I have also had the opportunity to go to more dog parks meeting new people and their fur kids. I am still very shy, but I think with patience and string cheese I could have more human friends soon. This week my foster grandpawrents came for a visit and I had to be with them alone while my foster mom and dad worked. That was a little scary, but I lived. I keep an eye on them and sometimes sneek a sniff, but nothing more yet.

I am learning that I can't bounce off my foster mom whenever I want. She makes this crazy noise that sounds like "Atttt" and it startles me. I think she would like me to sit before I get affection so I will try learning that and see if it makes her happy. I've also got to learn to walk on my leash and harness without bouncing off her calf. She cracks me up by trying to walk me at arms lenght, but I can still reach her. Rof Rof Rof!

I really like living here and know my time is short since some wonderful people(s) will come along and make me their princess. I'll just keep waiting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going Places and Making New Friends

I am getting out in this big world and trying new things. I've been to my first PetSmart Adoption event and the next day a dog park. Wow, there are so many new sites and sounds to overwhelm my senses. I seem to grow after these adventures so it's all good.

At PetSmart I shook on arrival, but by the end of the day I was a little more open to being approached by people of all kinds. The dogs were no big deal.

At the dog park more people wanted to meet me and pet me since I am so cute. (I know it, too.) I actually approached some people and they didn't even have to bribe me with nummy food. In this picture I made a new friend and let him pet me under my chin. It felt so good and I am so glad I gave him a chance. Maybe when I see him again I will get some more.

While at the dog park I was a little clingy to my foster mom. I did venture to smell all the good smells around and kept a close eye on my foster mom. It was a good time and I look forward to the next real soon.

My Icky Skin

I learned that my skin needed some TLC to keep me smelling good and looking good. The vet said I had a skin infection and it would take time to heal. My fur was rough, my skin sweaty and after a few days after a bath I had doggie B.O. Phew!
I was also pretty itchy on my legs and feet because of this. My foster mom gives me weekly doggie showers with anti-bacterial/anti-fungal medicine. This makes me feel good right away even though I don't particularly love these moments. I do however enjoy the towel rub after. Ahh just thinking about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I am also eating a high quality food with Omega oils in it which help me heal from the inside out. I can be a picky eater and prefer having other dogs around or a human to keep me company. I am also working on gaining a pound since I am a little under weight. I'd prefer to have a more hour glass girlie body. Woof!

My first few days in foster care.

Once I got to my foster home I met my foster siblings and foster dad. I was a little unsure, but did extremely well considering the week I just had.

Right away I got a much needed doggie shower. I felt much better smelling like a girl!

I was able to take my time adjusting. My foster brother had a different idea and thought it would be a good idea to teach me how to walk on a leash right away. I didn't agree.

I slept for about 4 days before I showed my little personality to everyone. I was very unsure of new things, but always enjoyed gentle affection and sweet talk.

How I came to need rescue...

My owner left me at a shelter in Rome, GA on Monday, July 27, 2009. I have no idea why, but I didn't deserve this kind of treatment. The shelter was HORRIBLE and I was very scared. (My foster mom still has nightmare's.) I did have a friend with me (now named Macon) who was even more scared than I was. We had to stay there for 5 days before rescue could come and save us.

When Ms. Paula got there to evaluate us we were close to giving up. My friend Macon was beyond scared and tried to defend himself against the shelter worker who tried to rope him. I was so scared I ran to the front of the pen and Ms. Paula held my very dirty, clammy scared body. My eyes were wide as could be.

We were taken to a room to be "evaluated", but because of our serious fear we did not show our true selves. I pottied everywhere because I had held it overnight and didn't know when my next opportunity to go outside would be.

Ms. Paula decided then and there that we had to be rescued and live very good lives from here on out. I am sure glad she did and remind her every chance I get.